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Ski Broker's Helmet Rental

Make safety a priority on the slopes. Ski Broker offers a few different options for helmet rentals available near Winter Park Ski Resort and Grand Park. Our helmets come in a variety of sizes for both children and adults. Additionally, we offer a wide range of brands and design that can fit your preference to protect you while you ski or snowboard. Entrust a local expert for ski and snowboard equipment rental provider. We also offer goggles, ski poles, and clothing. 

Winter Park Helmet Rental

Helmet Rentals for 2019/20 Season!

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Safety First

A great day on the slopes starts with safety. When you are skiing or snowboarding you are the risk of serious head injury just as you would be during other outdoor sports like biking or rock climbing. For this reason, it’s important to consider your safety. Wearing a helmet can greatly reduce your risks by as much as 50%.

Designed for skiiers and snoboarders of all skill ranges we offer helmet rentals. Our professional staff is fully equipped to offer recommendations at fit for the right type of adventure.

Have questions on Winter Park helmet rental? Reach out and we’re happy to provide more information on all of our styles, brands, and pricing.

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Helmet Rental Packages

At Ski Brokers, our children’s ski rental package includes a helmet. We offer different styles and fits. Upgrade for a more stylish and professional fit. We make it convenient and easy to rent a full package that includes skis, boots, and helmets. Optional pole rentals can also be included.

Have questions? Get fit by our experts and we can recommend different gear dependent on your experience level and needs.

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Stylish & Comfortable

For all of our sports skiiers and boarders, we have stylist and sleek helmets! Ski Broker Winter Park has the best brands in stock and can fit for your favorite adventure on the slopes. Since every skiier is different, we take time to understand and accomodate your preferences. Select from big name brands, different colors, and much more.

Winter Park Helmet Rentals

Choosing the right ski or snowboard experienc is very important. It can make a drastic difference for your day on the mountain. Wearing a helmet can provide you with an extra layer of protection. Helmet rentals in Winter Park are especially important for beginners. Learning to ski and snowboard is no simple task and we always applaud our adventurers for seeking expertly tested equipment. Ski Broker professionals will advise you on fit and balance for your Winter Park helmet rentals. Consider experienced employees to point you in the right direction. 

There are different factors that will enhance how well your helmet work for you. First, you need to know your skill level and, at some capacity, what your ideal ski and snoboard day looks like. For expert skiiers, it’s important that you protect yourself from dangerous trails and narrow chutes. Helmets have been known to reduce risk of serious trauma and injury all around.

Our wide selection of helmet rentals allows for many different preferences. We’re happy to give you more information and provide recommendations based on the details you provide. 

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