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Ski Broker's Ski Rentals

Check out our new line below of ski rental packages available near Winter Park, Colorado! Ski Broker only offers top-of-the-line ski rentals for both adults and kids. When your rent from us we make sure ski rentals are made easy to get you on the slopes in Winter Park Resort or Granby Ranch in no time.

New Performance Skis for 2020/21 Season!

Rossignol RRI02LI React R2_Xpress 10 ski

Discover your flow on the new React R4 Sport. Featuring new Flex TIp technology, the ski opens the door to instant and fluid carving sensations. Built for intermediate skiers seeking the magic and rhythm of effortless on-trail skiing, an accessible cap construction and carbon reinforcement deliver confident control for one perfect turn after another.

Accessible Stability
LCT construction adapts our Line Control Technology for a more forgiving feel and reduces counter-flexing for confident control

Carving Power
Oversized sidecut delivers powerful carving performance

Quick Turn Entry and Exit
Flex TIp Technology enhances tip and tail engagement for easy turn entry and exit

Responsive Stability
Carbon fiber enhances stability, strength and ski-snow contact while reducing weight


N QST 85

N QST 86


The all-terrain rocker lets you float in soft snow and steer precisely and with ease on harder snow so you can enjoy every turn.


The Woodcore construction ensures great stability, ski-to-snow contact and rebound.


At the lighter end of the range, the QST 85 provides uncompromised performance with slightly less weight.

N QST MYRIAD 85 – Women


The all-terrain rocker lets you float in soft snow and steer precisely and with ease on harder snow, so you can enjoy every turn.


The Woodcore construction ensures great stability, ski-to-snow contact and rebound.


At the lighter end of the range, the QST 85 provides uncompromised performance with slightly less weight

E XDR 76 ST C + L10 GW L80

Edge Grip

The Semi Sidewall construction is built to provide you with better edge grip in all terrains.

Terrain adaptation

The Woodcore construction ensures great stability and ski-to-snow contact, so you can handle different conditions and terrains with confidence.


A strong wood and basalt core reinforcement provides precision and power, so you can experience improved control when carving the groomers.

New Demo Skis for 2019/20 Season!


The Matrix

With the most camber, narrowest waist, and tightest turning radius of all our skis, the Matrix offers an incredibly powerful platform with vice-like edge grip that will make ex-racers feel right at home. The meaty Response Flex Core designed specifically for the Matrix delivers immediate energy transfer to keep you in control whether blasting through icy bumps or laying down perfect arcs on groomers. When Mother Nature gives the resort a fresh new coat or you decide to venture into the woods, the early splayed tip shape delivers a little extra float and crust-busting capability compared to traditional carving designs without sacrificing the ski’s stable, reactive feel on hardpack.

The Ballistic

Designed with freestyle progression in mind, the all-new Ballistic is primed to throw down everywhere from sidecountry lines to side hits to spring park laps. Light enough to spin and wide and damp enough to huck into powder, this model features the most tip and tail rocker of any ski other than our powder-specific Limit. Nearly a true twin, the Ballistic features a tiny bit of taper for stability when charging super-steep lines, but remains predictable while taking off or landing switch. The proprietary tip and tail shape reduces drag and weight, and helps break the snow’s surface tension to prevent submarining on deep landings. And of course, you still get our signature purple heart sidewalls for incredible strength, dampness, and edge grip.

The Ellipse

The shorter, slightly narrower sibling to the Proof, the Ellipse is anything but a toned-down version designed for less-serious skiers. Built with the same Progressive Flex core technology and featuring a similarly stable mid-fat platform, the Ellipse delivers a lightweight, lively, and surprisingly damp feel thanks to purple heart sidewalls that absorb vibrations and encourage effortless turn initiation. The early-rise, twin-tip shape planes well in powder or crust, and a tapered tail gives the Ellipse a playful, pivot-able feel that facilitates quick changes of direction. Camber underfoot and a trustworthy torsional flex ensure a rock-solid ride when it’s time to open things up on the steeps.

The Proof

Still one of our most versatile skis in our lineup, the Proof has been completely redesigned to reflect feedback from our testers and customers. Now wider underfoot and with more rocker in the nose for better stability and deep-snow float, the new Proof offers a more damp feel and enhanced crud-busting power. Plenty of camber throughout most of the ski offers reliable grip on hardpack and bumps around the resort, or while navigating icy skin tracks in the backcountry. And even though it’s slightly beefier than before, the Proof still remains nimble and easy to throw around, thanks to its featherweight Progressive Flex core.



Got an itch that only hot laps can scratch? The Hot Mess knows the feeling. Modeled after the ridiculously popular and enduring PB&J—but it’s own ski in every sense—the Hot Mess is an all-mountain ripper fit for either coast, full of energy, eager to please, and featuring Mustache Rocker to smooth out the ride. Handmade (of course) in our Sparks, Nevada factory with a full wood core and chip-resistant semi-cap over the top, the Hot Mess is your new best bestie


One-ski quiver gets thrown around a lot, but if you can’t have more than one pair, the Sierra will keep you smiling no matter what. Triple Camber gives our women’s mid-fat ski the uncanny ability to carve the heck out of hardpack while staying loose and playful in trees, bumps, and on the deepest storm days. Wherever you find yourself, in whatever conditions, if you find yourself on the Sierra you’re going to have a good time.



This all-mountain ski is a frontside carver beast and our best seller! The Quickdraw features a wide shovel and narrow waist for quick and effortless edge-to-edge turns. The wide shovel helps the tip float through powder and crush crud while giving the skier a smooth, easy-turning ride. It’s lightweight and nimble but the beetle-kill pine and aspen wood core remains stable at high speeds.

Want an easy-turning one-ski quiver? The Quickdraw or its big brother, the High Noon, may be the ski for you!

All of our skis are handmade in Denver, CO at the Meier Craft Skiery and are backed by a 2-Year warranty.


Our racing-inspired ski is our only ski to include maple, a hard wood, in addition to our signature aspen and beetle kill pine wood core. With its stiff tail, aggressive side cut and bangin’ profile, you’ll be laying out some hard turns and a wide smile all season! This is ski for hard chargers that like to fly down the mountain on a super-stable ride that gets better the faster it goes. All of our skis are handmade in Denver, Colorado at the Meier Craft Skiery and are backed by a 2-Year warranty.


Noon is fast approaching! This ski is an all-mountain, frontside carver. With a similar shape as our best-selling Quickdraw, the wider profile from tip to tail and stiffer core provides stability to hard-chargers with a bit extra float for powder, all without feeling sluggish underfoot. The dimensions of the ski provide quick edge to edge turns that can carve up the mountain as if on rails and the wood core made of Colorado beetle-kill pine and aspen gives a quiet and stable ride.



RMU employed 25 women to design a series of skis that didn’t just shrink and pink one of our unisex model but rather was developed from the ground up.  The Valhalla series has its own unique shape and rocker profile designed by the demands of aggressive women skiers.  The flex pattern was made to create a playful ski but stiff enough to have stability at speed.  If your looking for an all mountain ski the 95 is the ticket

2020 North Shore 108

The 108 has been drawn up by RMU athletes from around the world. Featuring a stiffer core, the 108 can handle high speeds for the bigger lines but is still agile enough for hucking. RMU has added a larger tip and tail rocker to bring the ski up to plane quickly. We have moved the contact surface forward allowing for a longer radius and added extra binding reinforcement for bigger drops. The 108 is a serious weapon and a great addition to any quiver.



Soft and poppy enough to butter those slushy rollers and stiff enough underfoot to make sure you nail new trick after new trick cleanly.


The Dictator 2.0 turns the whole mountain into a freeride playground, whether you’re kick-turning the top of that narrow couloir or arcing high speed turns through the crud.


Headed to party mountain? Well grab your Pit Vipers, dust off your retro one piece and get ready to go Full Turbo.

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